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St. Pete Concrete is among the most well-known concrete contractors in the city of St. Petersburg. We have comprehensive solutions for carrying out any and all concrete related work. For a couple of decades now, we have been pouring, stamping as well as resurfacing the concrete in the St. Petersburg, Tampa, and its surrounding areas. We endeavor to offer quality products and services at affordable pricing.

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Most of you must know it is quite challenging to deal with concrete materials. Although the processing seems to be pure from simple dust to brick, it involves highly technical processes. It is surprising to see how adding water to dust can transform into rocks, becoming malleable materials. For centuries building roads and surfaces are made using masons and stones.

Although still an option, it is expensive. It is here that concretes help in accomplishing the same tasks but at a much lower price. Also, it is possible to mold, stain, and cut concrete to form whatever you would like it to be. Therefore,  for any queries related to concrete, get in touch with us and guarantee to offer you with the best and the most advanced solutions.

Who needs concrete?

Concrete is used everywhere, and each one of us needs it for something or the other. Some may think they don't need it, but at some point or another, they would surely have used concretes for a specific purpose. Becoming a part of our daily lives, you will see it used everywhere.

It may be the retaining walls, concretes that support bridge footers, or the foundation of your home itself. Our company is aware of the role of concrete plays and its importance. We take a lot of care to ensure that the best quality concretes are delivered to customers across St. Petersburg.

Services Provided

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We have broadly categorized our services under two primary heads, namely:

  • Residential Concrete Contractors
  • Commercial Concrete Contractors

Residential Concrete Contractors

We know that home has to be the safest place for you and your family. After all, it is the place you and your family spend most of their time. It is thus essential that the house is as tight as it can be. The requirement for each type of home can be different, which is why we offer numerous options for residential concrete services. It includes concrete needed for countertops, driveways, pool decks, retaining walls, etc. Our services in this category are further sub-divided in the following options:

Decorative Concretes

We offer specially formulated concretes as per the changing needs and technology. The mixing varies based on usage. For instance, the concrete for heavy usage in case of patios or walkways, the combinations would be different as compared to lighter usage for countertops. Included in our decorative concrete services are the following options:

  • Stamped Concrete or Concrete Stamps

    • Only a few companies offer this option. They are primarily slabs and are available in various sizes, designs, and colors. A much cheaper alternative to the beautiful stone designs you’ve seen before.
  • Concrete Countertops:

    • We offer a wide variety of countertops in different shapes and sizes, suiting virtually every need and taste.
  • Concrete Patios

    • Style your backyard with some amazingly cool patios. We have several options to choose from. They are available in different colors, stamps, and shapes.
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Concrete Driveways

A common issue or flaw of concrete driveways is their short longevity. But it's not right for all and is not precisely their fault. Cracked driveways are mostly due to tree roots or inaccurately graded ground. However, you surely need a driveway, and so we have such quality options to choose from.

Simple Driveways:

Specializing in building new driveways both for residential and commercial requirements, St. Pete Concrete understands that cost is a significant concern. Hence, we would never quote something unreasonable, giving you the satisfaction of getting the best possible deal.

Driveway Repairs:

Building a new driveway is not always feasible or needed. We never intend to sell but advise if its worth repairing forcefully. We will always recommend you to go ahead with spot and section repair even if it was not built through us.

Driveway Sealer:

You might be confused if this is something possible. But let us assure you that sealing concretes will help in improving the lives of the driveway and offer protection from possible damages, mostly due to prolonged exposure to water.

Concrete Walkways:

Get this if you would like to have a beautiful and curvy walkway to your porch or the garage from the driveway. Our skilled workers are well-versed with making some of the loveliest walkways and winding sidewalks.

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Pool Decks:

Although we do not specialize in installing pools, you should not trust any pool installer to pour and form the concrete. It is essential to reach a reliable concrete contractor to build the perfect pool deck. As a part of our services, we offer both pool deck resurfacing and stamped pool decks.


It's not easy to level and lay down pavers. For this reason, we recommend selecting our package to help you level as well as place the pavers.

Retaining Walls:

There are multiple uses of retaining walls where holding the mother earth is the most common use. For houses having hilly yards, having a flat place to build a pool or a garden area would need installing retaining walls. Although costs of such concretes are usually high, you need to understand the importance of having a properly built as well as formed retaining wall. They are meant to protect you and keep you safe indoors.

concrete contractors

concrete contractors

concrete contractors

concrete contractors

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Commercial Concrete Contractors

St. Pete Concrete is committed to offering quality materials to commercial concrete contractors who include small businesses and developers. Our solutions help them in cutting costs besides compromising on quality to complete their projects. We offer several commercial concrete services that include ready-mix, hardscapes, and foundations.


Ranking among the very best in St. Pete, we have been working with several general contractors for years. It is because of their trust that we have managed to reach this stage. Our experts give extra care while pouring and shaping foundations as we completely understand how important it is to the overall structure. Any compromise in the quality of the solid base can make the building susceptible to various issues. We always advise not to take the foundation lightly and go with the best.


Few of you may be aware of the term, but you must know that hardscapes add a beautiful touch to any house or an office park. Building and implementing them requires a lot of patience and care. You may browse through our catalog to check out the beautiful creations that we have managed to do for the past several years. Our company offers both hardscape design and hardscaping.

Ready Mix

We can supply any amount of concrete as required by you to get your job done on time. Just give us a call and specify your requirements; we promise to arrange that within the shortest possible time and at the most competitive pricing.

concrete contractors

concrete contractors

concrete contractors

concrete contractors

Over the past several years, St. Pete Concrete has been offering its services in and around the city. Millions of people have used our concrete. We are a family-owned business and completely understand that millions of people will use our concretes in the future. The reputation that we have managed to build over the years gives us the confidence and assurance that people across the city trust us for our services.

Concrete is a very expensive investment, and we are well-aware of that. The entirety work can cost a considerable sum of money, and it is something that our customers are more concerned about. Our team assures you to provide the most competitive pricing besides the numerous package options. These packages are prepared to suit different budgets and allow you to select the one as per your budgetary requirements.

On top of this, our experts will try to give you the best possible quote after inspecting the work that needs to be done. We have a dedicated customer support team that is always ready to take your call. For all your concrete requirements, our company is a single-point source to order. Traditionally concretes have always been gray, drab, and boring elements. However, to make them more attractive, our specialized designers have added their innovative effect to add design to such preparations and let you add more fun and life.

In case you are searching for an option that makes your house and its surrounding a beautiful area at the most effective costs, St. Pete Concrete is the company to get in touch with.

concrete contractors

concrete contractors

concrete contractors

concrete contractors