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Our company offers one of the best concrete foundation solutions in St. Petersburg. It has been years since we have been pouring foundations. Our customers have been admiring us for our quality, and the featured reviews give you an idea about how good we have been. Foundation, as we know, is the essential element for any house. If it is comprised, you risk the entire structure. Hence, it is necessary to have a well-poured concrete slab foundation so that it supports the house and ensure the house lasts for years and years.

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Having strong walls, roofs, and windows are of no use if the foundation is not done correctly. Therefore, to ensure the entire house stays fit for several years and is well supported from underneath, make sure you are pouring in the right combination and quality of the concrete foundation. Our process for building the foundation starts with grading the ground. It is followed by digging the footers of the foundation and setting the rebar. After it settles down, we carry out a thorough inspection and compare it against the required parameters.

Each of the above steps is critically important, and we truly understand how important the foundation is. Next comes the process of plumbing, which is roughed inside. After all these steps are complete, we slowly pour the concrete while ensuring that the plumbing isn't damaged or displaced due to the foundation.

St. Pete Concrete is equipped to handle any scale of the job in regards to foundations. Our team has the experience of doing single custom home building using a single slab as well as custom home building using tiered slabs. The team also can handle large development projects or foundations having poured walls. With over 100 plus projects in our portfolio, we have managed to gain a commendable edge as compared to any of the other competitors.

However, we do not indulge in doing any kind of concrete foundation repair services. We currently offer very precise nature of services, and the foundation repair services have evolved to become an entirely new industry. But we can help you connect with some reputed foundation repair companies if needed.