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With summers approaching, the idea of jumping in your backyard swimming pool is always there. They make you relaxed and have a great time with your friends and family. For all those who cannot enjoy the sea, a swimming pool is something that acts as a perfect alternative. Hence, if this is something you are planning for, it's recommended to create a beautiful concrete pool deck. Our advanced technology concerning concrete floors allows you to convert the basic concrete pool deck into a fantastic retreat blending seamlessly with the ambiance of your house. We offer some excellent colors and textures to select for your dream pool. Give us a call to consult us and browse through the fantastic designs we have in our portfolio.

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St. Pete Concrete has the expertise to build amazing pool decks with emphasis on the overall layout and feel. The first and foremost thing that we consider is its orientation. This must be finalized with the pool builder well in advance. It includes completing the pool's facing concerning the other natural and artificial installations around. Afterall the orientation of your pool can make a lot of difference. In case it's not well oriented, there is a possibility that you get shade in the wrong hours of the day. Hence, a properly planned orientation about your house and natural light is critical. Your home provides the perfect impediment to the wind, and with the pool remaining well positioned, it will block large gusts of wind blowing things and umbrellas in your backyard.

One more aspect to consider is the size of the property. If your property is small, the pool will be near to the house. Hence due to its proximity to your house, it will be essential to have similar layout and aesthetics as that of your home. Doing so will ensure the pool blends seamlessly with the house and looks correctly built. For large-sized properties, you have the option to place the pool at a distance from the home. In this case, the design elements may not be in coordination with the house. Instead, you can design it to complement the house with elegant landscaping.

For both cases, we have an option to select. You can check out the varied concrete options to ensure you have made the perfect decision. Additionally, you may also need to have other aesthetic considerations in your mind, as well. Our experts can discuss all these aspects as a part of the free consultation services that we offer.

Last but not least, when it comes to building the pool deck is its longevity and safety. Both being related to one another has a vital role to play when finalizing the design. We advise opting for concrete sealing using a sealant containing slip-proof elements. The slip-resistant additives added to a sealant ensures you or others do not slip even if the concrete is wet.

Both things being essential means that while you are sealing it to prevent slipping, you will also have to seal the concrete in a way that protects it against the long-term exposure to both harsh chemicals and water. It is also essential in the case of saltwater pools as saltwater is hard on the concrete. Hence, in any of the two cases, it will be necessary to seal the concrete pool deck.