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Many of our customers require concrete in large volumes to carry out various kinds of concrete related tasks. They are mostly developers or customers who would like to carry out the task of concrete building themselves. Although we never recommend going for this option, we are among the leading suppliers of ready-mix concrete in the city of St. Petersburg. If you can provide the correct dimensions, St. Pete Concrete can process the exact amount of concrete required for the task.

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We completely understand that ordering more concrete than needed can be a frustrating situation. It not only leads to wastage of resources but also money. Ordering just the right amount of concrete will help you save money. Our experts will do their best to supply you with the perfect amount of concrete needed for your job.

We also offer our recommendations if you wish to choose the ready mix for carrying out your task. One of the crucial suggestions is being sure about the function of the concrete you are using for. With technological advancements, we presently have different formulations for different kinds of functions the concrete is meant to serve. The right formulation would help to keep your costs minimal and lets you understand the primary purpose of using such a concrete for.

For instance, if the concrete is used for your driveway, you would never order a concrete made for countertops. Same way, if the purpose is to build a walkway, you cannot order a formulation meant for the pool deck. Therefore, be clear about the purpose you are ordering the concrete for. Lastly, the most important thing to consider is cost. You will be glad to know that the pricing of a ready-mix is almost the same as the ready-made options. However, there are additional costs that you will have to consider in case of a ready-mix. You will have to calculate the cost for forming the structures too. Another thing that adds up to the cost will be the aspect if it requires extra support or reinforcement.

For grounds that are not evenly done, you will also have to bear the cost of grading. In some situations, you might also have to think if you only need the old drab concrete that has been used for ages or implement decorative concretes like stamped concrete. Hence, for using ready-mix, you will have to consider additional costs besides just the value of the formulation.