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It takes a lot of effort to build a retaining wall. You need to consider various factors before you move ahead to start building a retaining wall. In a situation where the retaining wall is of a specific size, you need to deal with code considerations. In such a case, you should consult an engineer to prepare the perfect building code. Building a concrete retaining wall is a beautiful addition to a landscape. However, you should never forget its primary function of holding back the earth. If there is a corner-cutting, it can result in a disaster. At St. Pete Concrete we have been providing our specialized retaining wall services for the past several years. Our experts are well-versed with different building codes besides having access to several engineers to help in completing a job.

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After covering both the safety and functionality aspects, you can browse through the different retaining wall ideas. Like any other poured concrete, retaining walls has seen several advancements. It is not possible to build beautiful retaining walls of any design or size. You no longer need to use the expensive stonemasons for making a wall. It is possible to use poured concrete for making concrete retaining walls to resemble a design built by talented artisans.

You may check out several decorative concrete options that we offer for building your retaining walls. These designs suit every budget and taste to give a perfect look to any landscape or yard. You may be looking to beautify the look of your backyard or build a new front of a newly constructed building; our decorative retaining walls will convert a mundane or bland wall into a beautiful retaining wall.

While considering a retaining wall, the last but not the least thing to consider is its cost. The costs vary vastly and are dependent on the volume of concrete poured in. The level of sophistication for the formation is another aspect that affects the prices. With more concrete poured for building the retaining wall, the more is the cost. Moreover, creating a beautifully crafted backyard, the costs would substantially be higher. You may reach us for a free consultation to get an idea about the costs and the kind of options we have on offer.

We at St. Pete Concrete also specialize in hardscaping and hardscapes. Every one of us can't cut grasses or trim the bushes around our house. To prevent such instances, it is advised to convert your landscaping into hardscaping. It has been years since we have been providing hardscape designing services. You may check out our portfolio to design your perfect hardscaping backyard as per your preferences.

You must have come across numerous beautiful backyard BBQs having stone and decorative masonry around. You may be surprised to know that most of these have been built using concrete retaining walls. It is because the cost of using a stonemason is so high that everyone can't invest such a large amount.

Concrete hardscaping is the perfect alternative, which is not only cost-effective but also gives you enormous options in terms of designs and decorations. Combining retaining walls with stamped & stained concrete patio as well as concrete stairs can transform your backyard into a fantastic place worth admiring.